Account Verification Notice: The credit union is conducting our bi-annual verification of accounts with our June 2024 end of quarter statements. Please check your account statements and report any differences to the credit union's CPA, Robert W. Brown. Address information for our CPA can be found on the top of your statement.

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Save and Grow Your Money with a Prime Share Savings Account.

Your Prime Share Savings Account is where it all begins!


This account represents your membership with our credit union. With a Prime Share Savings Account, you’ll have access to all of the services and benefits that our credit union has to offer: 

One of the great things about a Prime Share Savings account is that it only requires a minimum balance1 of just $5 to open. This means that you can get started saving right away. 

In addition to the low minimum balance requirement, our Prime Share Savings Account also comes with free online and mobile banking 24/7. This means you can access your account from anywhere, at any time, using your smartphone or computer. You’ll be able to check your account balance, view transactions, schedule transfers and more, all from the convenience of your own device. 

You’ll earn dividends2 on your average daily balance, paid to you quarterly. This means that you’ll be able to earn money on the money you have saved in your account, helping you to grow your savings even faster. 

If you receive a recurring check, such as a paycheck, social security payment, or pension, you can have it direct deposited into your Prime Share Savings account. This makes it easy to save and manage your money, without having to worry about physically depositing a check. 

Finally, you’ll receive quarterly statements with your Prime Share Savings account, keeping you up to date on your account activity and balance. 

We hope that you’ll consider opening a Prime Share Savings Account with Calcasieu Teachers and Employees Credit Union. With our low minimum balance requirement, free online and mobile banking, and the opportunity to earn dividends on your savings, it’s a great way to start saving and growing your money. Thank you for choosing us as your financial partner. 


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1. An initial deposit of $5 is required to maintain your membership in the credit union. All members must maintain a $5 balance in their savings account to remain a member and demonstrate regular activity in their account to keep it open. Dormancy fees may apply after no activity for two (2) years. 

2. You must maintain a minimum $200 balance in order to earn dividends. 

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