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Membership is FREE!
Account Closure $5 if account closed within 6 months
All checking accounts are FREE!
All saving accounts are FREE!
Savings Excessive Withdrawals (first 2 are free each month) $5 per withdrawal
Christmas Club
Early Withdrawal Penalty $25
Money Market Accounts
Excessive Withdrawals
(over 6 withdrawals per month)
$5 per withdrawal
Monthly Fee
(if average balance falls below the minimum)
$10 per month
Other Services
Account Activity Printout $1 per page
Account Reconciliation $25 per hour ($25 minimum)
Account Research $100 per hour ($100 minimum)
Account Verification $15 per item
Bill Pay NSF Item $45 per item
Check Copy $2 per item
Check Copy: Archived (over 12 months or 1-3 items) $5 per item
Check Copy: Archived (over 12 months or over 3 items) See Account Research
Check Printing Prices may vary depending on style
Courtesy Pay $25 per item
Debit Card Replacement $10
Debit Card Expedited Order $50
Deposited Item Returned $10 per item
Dormant/Inactive Account $10 per month after 2 years
Invalid Address $5 per item
Legal Process
(tax levies, garnishments, notary services, etc.)
Loan Late Fees 5% of the payment amount ($25 minimum)
Overdraft: NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) $25 per item
One-time Debit Overdraft $25 per item
Paper Statements
(in conjunction with eStatements)
$3 per month
Returned Item $10 per item
Skip Payment Fee $25 per skip payment per loan
Starter Checks (4 per page) $3 per page
Statement Copy $3 per copy
Stop Payment $25 per item
Stop Payment on Teller Check Cost to Credit Union
Telephone Balance Inquiry
(by staff, not audio response)
$1 per inquiry
Telephone Transfer
(by staff, not audio response)
$1 per transfer
Verification of Deposit $15

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