Calcasieu Teachers & Employees Credit Union

Credit Union servicing the teacher's, employee's, and their families of Calcasieu Parish school system.  Services provided for our members are loans, checking accounts, savings accounts, online bill pay, and more

Email News Letter

The credit union sends out emails to all of its members who have an email address on file, with the exception of those who have requested to opt out of our email communications.  The credit union has not and will not ever sell our members info (including their email addresses) to anyone or any organization.  The credit union has defined 3 different categories of emails that we send to those on our email list, and members can opt out of any or all of the categories at any time. 

Email Category Types

  • Disaster/Emergency Information This type of email is what we use only to be sent out in the event of an emergency or a disaster situation.  We want to be able to notify our members in the event of severe weather, or any other disasters, and what our plans are in the event such an occasion.  Examples of this type of communication would occur if we had a hurricane and needed to evacuate.  We would want to be able to notify our members where we will be, how they can reach us, and when we plan on returning to our normal location and hours. 
  • News & Holiday Closures This type of email is what we use to notify our members of any holiday closures that are planned for that month, or any other important news that may be planned.  Typically this type of email is only sent out once a month, and if we have no holidays scheduled and not significant news, we simply spare your inbox an unneeded email :)
  • Promotions  There are times we would like to inform our members of promotions that we have going on.  Examples could be new lower rates, or a new service we offer.  We promise not to waste your time with an exorbitant amount of emails.  We typically only send one of these types of emails a quarter.

Opting Out

If at any point, you wish to reduce the amount of emails you receive from the credit union, you may opt out of any category of email we send.  To opt out, simply click the link at the bottom of our email in the section called Unsubscribe.  Doing this will allow you to select which groups of emails you want to stop receiving.  

If you have opted out of all our email communications, you can click on the link to subscribe to our emails.  Again, doing so allows you to choose which group of emails you wish to receive.

3rd Party Vendor

In the interest of full disclosure, we use a third party company, Constant Contact, to send emails to our members.  The credit union holds itself responsible for maintaining the terms and service agreements with Constant Contact to monitor that their terms and privacy statements meet the expectations of member privacy that we require.  Your email information will never be sold to any 3rd party.  

If you have additional questions or concerns, please fill out our feedback form using the topic 'Email' and an employee of the credit union will be in contact to address your questions or concerns.

* Constant Contact is a registered trademark of Constant Contact, Inc. If you would like to read their terms & services or their privacy statement, you may do so on their website by following the links.